25 Back Then Testo

Testo 25 Back Then

So long war
Rock 'n' roll has not been heard before
In their long black cars
Technicolor movies for the stars
I wish I'd learned to dance the way my parents dance
It seems I always try to lead the man
'Cause I can
I wish that I was 25 back then
London's high
Marianne is faithful to the sky
And a brand new beat
Floating from a room across the street
It wasn't only Armstrong up there on the moon
It seemed everybody's head was in the sky
Sometimes I
I wish that I was 25 back then
What I need is Jean Picard
To teach my how to fly
Get to meet whatever's up there
Watching from the sky
Bring back a new cigarette
That doesn't make you die
Don't want a super highway
Just want a super high
Sometime I
I wish that I was 25 back then
And the world moves on