Glam Testo

Testo Glam

[Hook: Macie Stewart]

[Verse 1: Chuck Inglish]
Yeah, we all from round the way
The food is off my plate
So bring it to the table, here's the lesson for today
Trynna hit home plate, while I'm roundin' first base
Make a promise, stay safe my nigga
Use the words that we say to guide the moves that we make
Say the most when you pray, please don't hesitate
Ask for patient with the highest is a love for all the prices
Paying money to the church can't get them prayers overnighted
The answer's inside us, you niggas want to fight it
Course they wanna shine, they don't believe they shoulda got it
It was yours all along, it's about to be on
I learned the hard way, I had to write it in this song
This is the song that we sing, a lot of love you gotta bring
That's the way, way, way
Pounds for the fam, keep the master plan in case we don't make it home that day
God forbid

[Bridge: Chance The Rapper]
God loves all my niggas
God loves all my niggas
God loves all my niggas
God loves all my niggas
Nigga, IGH!

[Verse 2: Chance The Rapper]
God love it when you turn it up
Get a whole O and burn it up
Lean on the rocks and stir it up
Make the world turn, Copernicus
Oooh, that land that be that holy ground
Oh god my niggas won't hold me down
Even though shit's more lowkey now
Church church cathedral
Rid me of my evils
God bless me and all my foolies, my disciples, and my people
Say a prayer for the nine one time
Niggas that robbed me by the Ryan one time
Go vagabond in the line one time
Bro gods, whole squad in the line one time
I know I'll see the clouds with silver line some time
So I don't even feel the need to rhyme some time
See my nigga smiling sunshine sometimes
So bring the hook around for your sun one time
God loves all my niggas, nigga