My Heart Testo

Testo My Heart

See i still remember baby wen i picked u from the lot/
n i knew it wen i grabbed u that ud always have my heart/
n i told u from the start i would neva let noone hurt u/
i couldnt wait to get u home time to bust n work u/
first time i pulled u back, baby u was kinda tight/
but its all good wen we worked it every single night/ haha
u were da quiet type wenever we rolled/
but wen things got out of hand u was ready to explode/
n i loved u baby even lented u around/
just to show all my homies how my baby gets down/
n u never got jelous wen i brang new bitchs to play/
cuz after i bust i threw those bitchs away/
no other bitchs could stay or share the love that we had/
cuz u kept me alive through all the times that were bad/
n believe me baby nobody in this fucking world/
could ever take ur place at my side, u my girl/ BANG


1:48 second verse
see my little little baby dont u kno u drive me crazy/
all over the fuckin hood everybody kno u my lady/
n even though bitchs hate me u stand up n fire back/
dese bitchs aint shit dats y dey run wen we attack/
n da police always tryin to break our perfect team apart/
dats y sometimes i leave u at home or in the dark/
n u always understand u kno im always comin home/
rest ur head under the pillow or the cuboard near the phone/
ur the first thing i touch wen i wake up in the morning/
u make me feel excited wen im still up yawning/
but baby listen u kno we cant ride no more/
still remember that day they threw u straight on to the floor/
they broke down our door, told us not to make a move/
we coulda died together but instead we had to lose/
n i regret it baby u saw the tear from my eye/
now i gotta get a new gun hah goodbye/