Let Him Lie Testo

Testo Let Him Lie

Don't be sorry for feeling stupid, for falling into love when you shouldn't. Because you're just friends until you aren't until he tells you all of the things you want to hear. Like, "you're so pretty. You don't deserve this. I can love you like no one has ever loved you." And you're so desperate that you believe it. You let him whisper in your ear until he hooks you. Let him lie til you feel better. You keep saying that it's the last time. That you're never going back. But you keep calling cause you're unhappy and he helps you to forget. And when he fucks you you feel wanted even if it only lasts for a moment. And when it's over you feel empty but you'd rather be deceived then be alone. Let him lie til you feel better. You can't love yourself. So you love someone else.