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Testo The Manifesto

Maybe a moment of pleasure, maybe a moment of pain
They guaranteed after this moment ain't gonna be no refrain
So think about it, life waits for no man or no plans
So ready yourself for the world which is to come

It ain't ya choice the sound of your mother's voice
What she puts into her system or the nature of her poison
But after 9 months of inputs, if you can barely hear
It's time to let the whole world know your time is near
The newborn is like a scripture to be written
With wide eyes like those, those white lines get hidden
Parents get smitten, show that good love and affection
But for all this deception leads them in the wrong direction
So there you are because your parents came this far
Maybe not, but chances are they got the nice house and car
And so the timing they were taught that has resulted now in you
Is about to be engrained into your supple psyche too
Early days, full of discovery and play
Everything is brand new, so everything is okay
Back day, chances are your mother stayed to show the way
But seeing that she's got to work the TV has the final say
And so the input's received when the brain is most fragile
Output's coming directly from the rotten core of the apple
You can't battle what you can't directly see
So subordination begins, an impressive infantry

Farming school, welcome to the next stage
Now we trade in daycare for a different type of cage
Curriculum comes directly from the state
But if you think about the options, it most all will take the blame
And here it sounds another censor off the tape
Though most go to public schools, life in private schools is great
Inequitable facilities, improved teaching staff
And their communities accept extra tuition with impunities
First you pay for education, then your children's marks are better
But did you ever stop to wonder if these kids are more clever?
Independent tests administered are suppose to guarantee
That across all education impartiality is the key
But actually, the fact that some schools see fit to take fees
Results in marking pressure on their teaching faculty
This shit is obvious, it's plain for all to see
Intelligence devotes the natural aristocracy

The opportunity to spend time with peers is priceless
That early social interaction can advert future crisis
The start of adolescence holds in store many lessons
None of which, chances are, will resort in convalescence
But the essence must remain deep within the human spirit
And as you start to reach secondary school you might just feel it
But to stay more in to kill, with they pressures to conform
To an established lifestyle said to constitute the norm
Believe that and it's on, in these days you get taught
That without tersely, secondary schooling is forgot
You must wait to get a job, that means to pay taxes
To follow these rules and stay closely to the pack
Or maybe you learned to trade enough with formal education
Unlike those loony kids, you're getting paid for education
Right, but don't you see that at the end of that day
You're still getting boxed into a life in the same way

So here you are, ready to graduate and start
Perhaps you don't feel compelled to join the real world that much
But for now they say it's time for you to step up and shine
Put that bullshit into practice you been learning all this time
You got to pay the bills, maybe your girl gets pregnant
Maybe you felt the heat and now you wishing that you'd kept it
There's a million and one ways for you to open up that door
But in the case you 9 to 5, now hell, maybe more

Life proceeds, at first maybe a struggle
The same strip that you stumble
Of course you've got buy the house, along to fit the car
Why not do it all with penance so accountability is far
Around 30, if not already, then you need a spouse
Someone else to be your compliment around the house
And soon enough you can have some kids too
Demonstrate the proper caution, know damn right they'll be seeing you
Send 'em off to school, if you're lucky it'll be private
If you stray outside your marriage, chances are that you can hide it
And every week, your pay check is that much less for all this tax
So instead of thinking smarter, you work harder for what you lack
So complacency is ripe, now you in middle age
You should be pacified if your help hasn't caved
If your thoughts aren't deranged and your spouse is on the same page
So what began as a full deck is now becoming close to played

Career wise, things are comfortable
You had your spot for 20 years, nobody is under you
About this time, maybe it's time to make a will
Organize the funeral and a home for when you're over the hill
And yet still, maybe about this time you start to think
“What if my life was over suddenly in just a blink?
What did this all mean and whom did I really serve?
What was the point now that it's just a downward curve?”
So for everyone, the same insole, on and on it goes
9 of 10 are guaranteed to live a life they never chose
With the opportunity, you'd never buy into a system
That equates to spending one's life within a prison
Just think it's human, with a multitude of gifts
You're designed to spend the best years of your life working for it
Don't be deceived, for soon there's no reprieve
And then there's no tomorrow for those that won't believe

Maybe a moment of pleasure, maybe a moment of pain
They guaranteed after this moment ain't gonna be no refrain
So think about it, life waits for no man or no plans
So ready yourself for the world which is to com