Time Flies Testo

Testo Time Flies

People think they got a right to invade, like they know what they're after
When they're done they hold a midnight parade, it's a bloody disaster

While they're writing those doomsday charters,
Time flies, time flies
While they're shouting out complete non-starters,
Time flies, time flies

People think that they'll be safe in the crowd, like a board full of pieces
Load the dice and shout your thoughts out loud, try to flatten the creases

While they hammer out the stubborn nails,
Time flies, time flies
Use the bullet when the ballot fails,
Time flies, time flies

And it could be you with an arsenal of things to do
Do not listen to the weak, stay glued
And it could be me with the pressure pin between my teeth
Teaching kids about national joy and black sheets

While they're making sure the whole world pays,
Time flies, time flies
While they're wasting all our lives away,
Time flies, time flies