Message To You Testo

Testo Message To You

I didn't mean to hurt you
I didn't know I could be so insensitive
Sometimes I dont understand myself oh no
But I didn't know I could be so sensitive
But if I could make it up to my baby
Maybe sing a song
Write a poem
Read a psalm or send it to him
Do you think he'd rip it up or would he take it
Cause I
I think of you in the morning
I hear your voice after noon
I see your face in the evening
So tell me what should I do
I hope you get this message
I hope you call me back real soon
But if you don't wanna talk right now baby
I guess I'll see you at 12 noon
I'll be waiting
I'll be waiting for you to call me back baby
Because I love you
And baby I need you
I wanna know why you don't call me
I'll make it up to you
I'll do that thing you like me to do
You know what I mean baby
Baby I love you
And only you