Distance Testo

Testo Distance

Want you show me some grace
I see that look on your face
You've had all you can stand Go fetch your miracle man
These moments eat me alive
I can't forget but I try
Do you remember your life
Before that devil inside
Oh God you hear me I know I'll feel you more when I'm old
Another face I don't know
I'll take my chances alone

Oh you know it
Everybody gets what everybody wants and
I know you love it
Everybody gets what everybody wants
I don't anymore - you don't anymore

Some tell us how we should live
Some die before they begin
Those damn clichés will not end
The truth gets under my skin
Our insecurities fly
I'd save the world but I'm tired
Don' t think that we can survive

Another angel's demise
Oh God I've lived with it so long
It's too bad we lose our control
Another memory we sold
I do much better alone

I'm gonna die in vain until I find some worth
And all the life we waste we still want more