Heaven Knows Testo

Testo Heaven Knows

If I had you, always
pictured on my wall
living on your own
you wouldn't see me
waiting for a sign
where i could hold your hand
if you fall down

The dream is over
i lost my chances
to play the leading role
the eye of the storm
won me over
say my lov good-bye
you are out of time

heaven know where the light wind blows
heaven knows where you've gone
tell my soul
do we find what we're living for
heaven knows when i'll cry stars in the sky
just one more time in my life
we're getting together

i chase the rainbow
colors of my dream
nothing in between
makes me stronger
i know every mile
will be warth my while


i feel so close now
than before
knocking on your door
makes me wonder
what i'm looking for
the story never ends


that's how it goes
that's how it goes