Cold Testo

Testo Cold

I met a man who drew the line
He couldn't cross his fear of intimacy
He just sighed
Because he left behind all his fantasy
ooh-hoo, ooh, woo, woo, yeah

If you build a wall up, high
You start to crumble
And you never know why
Your tears never dry

If you're running from the vision
That's in your eyes
There's a collision with what's inside
This ain't livin'
I need someone to hold
How did it get so cold

You say you need a little time
To heal from some romantic injury
And I say fine
But if you change your mind
You can lean on me
ooh, woo, woo, yeah

But I'm going on with my life, oh
I've seen it everyday
People get burned
And they throw love away

Repeat Chorus, Verse 2, Chorus

Cold, so cold (2x)
Cold (4x)
I need someone to hold
How did it get so cold
It's coming from the kitchen
It's coming from the sky
It's coming round the corner
Straight for you and I
It gets so cold

-- Fade out --