50 Cent Gotta Die 2nite Testo

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Testo 50 Cent Gotta Die 2nite

'Ayo my squads so gangsta (D-Block)! here's my hypothesis nobobdy stoppin' us, I got some in the clip and I won't hesisitate to get them out. Your hungry? I'll feed you, make room for cotton in your mouth. 50, of course you gonna' sell when you're in a no lose-win situation, nigga' I'm bein' real, you got one of the greatest producers ever. Your lil' house party was cute 'n shit, I shoulda' brought a suit 'n shit, you lil' industry bitch. Haha, they don't know 'Kiss in Africa? Shut up snitch. And yo', my man Scoob holdin' it down, don't stop it yet. Pussy, yeah that's what you must be. 'Cause when you got hit, you didn't clap back(Why didn't you clap back)?!?
Now you runnin' 'round tryin' to pop shit. Let it be know I ain't hatin', but of course you're gonna sell when you got Dre you produce you shit. You didn't have the decency to keep my name outta' your songs nigga', so now it's on nigga'. There ain't no strategy to beat me, fuck sayin' it on the records, I'm gonna' say it publicly, Curtis; you sunned-out! Let me talk to your grandpops where he wanted the grand straps.

[Sheek Louch and Jae Hood:]
Hahaha, South Side mang', (GGGGGGG) you pussy nigga', you sound like a fuckin' retard with your- (GGGGGG)
And I ain't even gonna' say anythin' 'bout that other nigga, Poonie needs to smack that nigga' up. (GGGGGGGG) Y'all niggers are rats. And when you follow a rat, you're a motherfuckin' mouse nigga', y'all trying to go for tha' cheese, you gonna' get caught in tha' trap nigga'! I'm out! (D-Block, a-ha!!!) 'Kiss kickin' it; keeping it real for New York. Fifty, nigga', we've got this shit thus far nigga'. Your career's aight' by far. But watch out motherfucker. [Gun cocks in distance]