Bitches Are Hustlers Too Testo

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Testo Bitches Are Hustlers Too

[Intro/Chorus: x4]

Bitches are hustlers too
I thought you knew, I thought you knew

If you ain't got the grip, nigga, I can't use ya
I'll do some other motherfuckers for drugs to Honulula
I'm sendin niggas to the curb when I'm done wit em
Fuckin wit their minds cos I'm havin fun wit em
Flippin niggas for they Presidents
I'm livin like a black queen in my residence
So when ya see me out dancin
Don't even waste ya time if you're not livin in a mansion
You can call me a dreamer
But they'll be callin ya stupid when I'm drivin your beamer
I'm breakin the niggas like cookies
I'm grabbin the cash and dash without givin up my putty
I'm leavin ya fat pockets still
Penny for penny, I'm leavin ya bank account ill-ty
I'm livin large like God
Cos I'm bankin motherfuckers, for their loot is behind me
I gotta do what I gotta do
I'm lettin you know, bitches are hustlers too

[Chorus x4]

I'm takin niggas for they dividends
A bitch from the Northside is straight makin, check it in
I thought you knew Lady D was trigger happy
Juice some nigga and gank him for his cavi
Now I'm livin like Janet
Fully in control and ya ho's can't understand it
It's like the battle of the sexes
But I ain't givin up the sex til you put me in a Lexus
I know you're out for the ass, nigga
but how the fuck you figure, til you cough up the cash, nigga
Ya see I'm out to get my grip on
And if ya be at ya bar, I got some juice you can sip on
So won't you take me to your castle
And if ya sittin on them thangs, watch your ass gettin gaffled
I'm baby cute wit dimple
but be drivin a Benz or catch a slug in the temple
So don't fuck with my crew
You should know by now, nigga, bitches are hustlers too

[Chorus x4]

I got the sess and the yay-yo
Cos a sister stackin up on the motherfuckin kilos
And this bitch is all that
Straight jackin, whatever, as long as I'm lookin phat
And I'm all about my business
You're all a dime-a-dozen when it comes to dissssss, nig'
So don't try to gank, fool
Cos niggas get sprayed on the concrete too
A ki has started too cos I'm taxin
But if I drop a G, I want some sexual action
Cold maxin, coast-to coast, niggas I roast
Seduce em and juice em for the cheese and I'm ghost
It's easy for me to do a nigga
Cos when a nigga's useless, I straight fool a nigga
Cos I'm smokin suckers
They don't know that I'm an undercover hustler

[Chorus x4]