Full Contact (Dirty Version) Testo

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Testo Full Contact (Dirty Version)

[Intro: talking]
It seems to me, that all this talking and stuff is getting us nowhere.
It's time for some action, you know what I mean. Positive reaction,
verbal action. I got to start frying these fools, man.

[Verse 1]
Yo, yo
If every action has it's opposite reaction
I want to see the opposite of wack MCs rapping
On some 58(?) recordless mics
They ain't even holding right
Hold on, let me light this dynamite (kablow)
Now they out of sight like space probes
I'm on some futuristic shit
They on some rerun episodes
We can take this to the crossroads and do it until we're done
Presto! and make that shit vanish like a sun
During an eclipse or at nightime when I write rhymes
With precise lines and a few hooks like fish lines
You little groupers want to swim with barracudas
After you're done faling off, there'll be more room for me to maneuver
Out of these Montreal sewers to doing tours
Worldwide. A lot of MCs never seen the other side
It seems like that shit's off limits like area 51
As I breach them perimiters with a verbal ????

No holds barred, full contact
And it's a fact that you act lax
I make my people react when I be speaking over tracks
Yo, it's a shame that you have to get the axe
No holds barred, full contact
And it's a fact that you act lax
I make my people react when I be speaking over tracks
Yo, it's a shame that you have to get the axe

[Verse 2]
Fools need to stop, sit back, relax and face the facts
'Cause they ain't ready to do nothing with their skinny raps
My techs leaves theirs with an inferority complex
Then I deliver quicker than the snap suplex
It's useless, for you to put up a struggle
Consume your planet like bad actors or reduce it to rubble
My vision's like Hubble so I can see the big picture
Everytime I hear these suckers rap, they getting me sicker
'Cause that stuff is only fit for the shitter
They better off going back to passing out flyers and stickers
Licking spliffs with the family
Verbal shots at the enemy
Bunch of fools rapping now because they think it's trendy
They try to rapture the structure of the culture
Better start cutting through these punks like hot knife through butter
It's a like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder
How many more of these fake MCs I have to take under


Now I think it's time to knock these frauds right out of position. They
occupying space. That's our space.
[Verse 3]
You make the next 'scape to the netscape, aye
I'mma search for you with Excite
And then wipe out your website
Your weak rap ballards are getting tossed like salad
'Cause they invalid, to the one who strikes like steal mallards
Ain't having disrespect from other camps
Trying to stop my advance, but I stay firm like the horse stance
Your eyes are open, but you're still sleeping on duty
Those rhymes are dookie and were put together loosely
Load up, the vocal blaster 'cause I have to
Turn half ass rappers into out of work actors
'Cause they taking up too much space and precious air time
I gotta keep pusing them back like hairlines
Back of the line, 'cause you ain't yet paid your dues
And even though your sponser just gave you a new pair of shoes
That don't mean that you can rap
Matter of fact what you're doing is wack
And I'm about to fad this shit to black


'Contact' [scratched]... 'React, you missing that when I sling this rap'
'Contact' [scratched]... 'React, you missing that when I sling this rap'