Cincinnati Sunday Testo

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Testo Cincinnati Sunday

He needed milk, get a whole wheat loaf for his toast
He was low on butter and low on dough
He’ll stretch what’s left til his next paycheck
Spread it then or steal a couple packets from the doughnut shop
Pocketed 4$, sock-less in slippers
No keys, left his front door unlocked
The bell rang as the store door opened
Hello said the man behind the counter
He nodded, was not in the mood for a convo
The dumpsters and the milk carton was dropped in plastic bag that he grabbed with his left
While he palmed with his right a Kit Kat Chunky,
Slipped it in his pocket
Turned around and bumped in a lady holding chunky soup
She said: what a coincidence. Then winked at him,
Afraid, he raced out the corner store nervous
He heard her telling him to stop
You’re under arrest sir
He stopped frozen,
I don’t know what you saw officer but this chocolate was bought and not stolen
Their eyes locked
They stood in silence for a minute
She dropped her coup cans and kissed him
He fought not,
Mouth open, her tongue pressed against his
Out in the open, a Cincinnati Sunday
In front of couples pushing strollers
With Starbucks lattés, old men with walking cane
Teenagers inhaling cigarettes
A lady sticking parking tickets on a windshield
A type 2 diabetic begging change
And all of the above with the sympathetic pitch
With the whole world around them, they continued to kiss
Lost in the moment, palms on his shoulders
He thought for a moment, this is like a movie
All we need is rain, like Ryan and Rachel
But I don’t know her name
I wonder if it’s Jennifer, Sarah or Lorraine
She could be my soul mate
We could be forever
This is quite the story for the grandkids
Gather round for the hundredth time
Once upon a time I ran out of milk
Not this one again, grandpa
But who kisses a complete stranger?
What if she’s insane? What if she’s a killer?
Targeting shoplifters and I’m her new victim
But I don’t wanna stop and I don’t wanna think
All I wanna do is feel
Then he felt burning from her fingers on the tip
On his lower back
Her fingers pressed burning through his clothing
They kissed while his skin sizzled
The flame sparked, the cotton of his crude neck caught fire
They kissed harder, the flames spread
From his back to his stomach
Then her wardrobe joined in, hair on fire
Their skin melted into a puddle on the sidewalk
Their skeletons collapsed into a pile of bones and teeth
The diabetic finally made a dollar
That bought him a Kit Kat Chunky on a Cincinnati Sunday.