Lost Sight Testo

Testo Lost Sight

(feat. Abdominal)

Inhale... Waiting to ex, from the speculations
When I feel the real appeal to sex
The weight's on my shoulders, and the stress invades my chest
Holding nothing to call my own unless the vision of a mistress
Could come for real and put my love to the test
To myself I must confess while assure is how I rest
At ease... Please don't look upon the rest
Ignore me and try to flex, still my situation's messed
Cause I wanna play you close like a sparrow to a nest
Simply hanging like vortex, nothing more nothing less
You don't see in my direction and that leaves me with distress
Emotions become vexed while my boys call me obsessed
Handled finesse, influnced by the buddah bless
Cause I guess that's the time when I'm not depressed
But I still give it my best and reflect my intrest
And when you do look in my way your response is always "NEXT"

[Hook x2]
If love is blind why can't I hand it vision?
And how did I get myself in this position?
But I keep switching...Back and forth, forth and back
Side to side with an effort to get my sight back

Elevate, while my thoughts stay between that fine line which seperates
Life from love and hate
I close my eyes and slowly meditate, connect my coordinates
Beg for my farther's sake, wishing at an enourmous rate
But the debate stays an equal rate
While the visions that I hate grin, while my love is confiscated
Why an I so underated?
It seems the longer that I'm waiting lets others start escalating
To the plateau that I had so anticipated
Then I finally reach my peak and see the premises evacuated
Obstacles that were faced left me infatuated
Fascinated at the third degreem you see
I plea and contemplate, try to rebalance my situation
Words merely for conversation
With feelings based upon a pure relation ship
Blew a kiss and said peace and salutations

[Hook x2]

[Bridge x4] "Love is blind", "Strong feelings on my mind"

Adrenaline rush, with every single touch that's performed
Still our feelings were at opposite sides, wish I was warned
In the first place...Diffrent perspectives are now deformed
By the first taste...Of simple rejection, my heart is torn
In places that you would never think of, even ignore
And still add to the storm while the chicken heads swarm
Around the center...Where I've been placed for the attention
And entertainment to others, but still I forget to mention
That my heart is broken, eternal bleeding starts to drown the lover
And tells me to stop judging books by the cover
Instead hear the sound, cause I know the fat lady sang
It's preventing me to attach that one Yin to my Yang
Then my feelings change, plus my only wish
Is to leave the sea of love to avoid the other fish
But yo' it doesn't matter, that my heart will stay shattred
Now it's time for me to face the next batter...Batter's up

[Hook x2]