I Go Off Testo

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Testo I Go Off

Niggers are brave until they cross that gun...

D-12 criminal operations, no doctor
Sitting up in the...
Wake you up in the morning, ain't no...
Just a nigger with a... mask,
You should fear!
Wake up bitch!
I'll hit in the head with a hammer,
Fucking mom's is got her doggy style, adjusting the camera,
Going loco,..
Night for the... either way is going tragic!
Go and tell my black pack they don't know what rap is,

... gun smoking like a...
... touch me and you're cross bite,
Let a couple shots break you up and you...
Don't hang up enough to make it to top...
You and me is like...
... the way you spill the drink in a bar fight,
Dirty... pull shit for real,
Just to... the... could seal.

... to pop nigger out of their sneakers,

I sprinkle and bleaching your canabis...
These bugs are to turn your face into a pizza.
I'm leaving...
I treat my... like a... I never leave without it,
I bought...
My beat is unforgettable,
The niggers I fought young are still in the hospital.
I'm conquering the missions that you find impossible,
Like breaking in the woman's locker room with my iPhone.

... so fuck cases!
I'm not the type to conversate with the corpse in my basement.
I'm wasted daily, I... to my drink,
I'll be out there with the shrink, I'll be dating a...

And nothing change with the...

They don't say shit!
I'm... your family,
I'm lyrical no threat, I'm...

I'm a gorilla,..
You ain't a gangster, you're a...

Mass murder without the mass,
A poker night without the cash,
A stripper without her ass,

You're crazy!

Two murder cases left... jury,
The... is off from MTV,
When I'm gonna get up on stage I'm gonna do the whole song,
... we get along?
When I went to L.A. a hundred niggers tried to... me,
... when tried to fuck me, aha!
... D-12 dumped me,

That's too fucking bad, someone call her dad,
Tell him... is a...
Raping little girls, taking of their lunches,
Hit them in the face...
A hundred,.. a hundred punches,
... hit them with...
Bomb shit, bomb...
I got to bomb,
To bitch I'm the bomb, bitch!

I'm gonna bomb on you,
Bitch you ain't gonna bomb on shit!
Bomb dick, bomb click,
Ever since I've been a bomb,
Bitch you ain't been the bomb since,
Nonsense, stop this shit!