Betcha Can't Do It Like Me Testo

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Testo Betcha Can't Do It Like Me

You fuckin' thieves
We D4L
And we back

Betcha, betcha, betcha, betcha, betcha....

I betcha can't do it like me (nope)
I betcha can't do it like me (nope)
I betcha can't do it like me (nope)
I betcha can't do it like me (nope)
I betcha can't do it like me (nope)
I betcha can't do it like me (nope)
I betcha can't do it like me (nope)
I betcha can't do it like me (nope)

(Oh, Fa-bo)

Prince O in the house and we represent the south
And I got to let 'em know
D4L came to ride and we can roll
Ain't nothin' but the pimpin' inside and she can go
We done kicked up, they can watch me roll
Anybody buck better lock and load
Ain't goin' to the truck better watch that ho
If she knuck, if she buck she can hit 'em wit a fo'

Oh, I betcha stand on one toe
With ya arms in the air immitate Fa-bo
Stop drop roll pop one time
Lean back, Sprewell and pop one mo'
Oh I betcha can't get like me
Roll a blunt and take a hit like me
Step in the club and pull a bitch like me
He split like hair he should like me

I betcha can't do it like me
I'm tipsy off Coke and Hennessy
When I walk up you niggaz envy me
Cause I'm D4L you know who we be
Made ya first streak in 2003
2004 it's all about me
I'm gonna explain so ya'll folks can see
Watch me do it, it's so easy
First ya get real low
Bounce on ya toes
Snap ya finger, make yo arm roll
Hit the flo' do the Fa-bo
Get real crazy and scream out Oh!
I'm tired of givin' you suckers game for free
Next time when I pull out my cd
Thirty-two tracks to thirty-two G's
I bet you can't do my dance like me, Oh!


Now we on some other shit
D4L, ya can't see this
Stayin' down with them ghetto hits
A team of soldiers spittin' lyrics
Talkin' slick, he gon' beats this shit
Choppa will, it's gonna hit you quick
Splack-a, Splack-a duck bitch
Betcha can't work this streak like this
Flip a P and it keeps so quick
Broke down in dimes and nicks
Hit the club so fresh with click
On the floor, doin' a dance like this

Locster that walked through the door
With a box of the blunts and an ounce of the dro
And a bag of them pills and ya know I'm spinnin' like whoa
I'll knock a nigga ass to the flo'
Ask Carlos, ask Fa-bo
Ask Lamar and Mook-B ask Bruski, they all know
Nope, I ain't really playin' with a ho
When the cat start sprayin' I ain't layin' with a ho
I catch 'em in the hood and hit with the fo'
Do my dance on that ho

Nope, I betcha can't do it like a G
Grab a tee and wipe the feet like met
Ain't gonna do it right but they still wanna see
And they all wanna but they can't do it like me

Nope, but I can do it like me
Shake the leg and get to it like me
DJ booth, you like me
Make 'em dance and get crunk like me


They know I'm low I'm C-E-O
Got stacks on deck, I pop I roll
The cars the clothes, the life I know
The hard, the soft, the dro that's so
It's time that I shine, it's D4L
On my grandmama potna, all haters go to hell
I can't stand drama shawty ain't no stories I can't tell
Betcha can't do it like me, can't break no bank
Everytime they try they fail, come on