Like It Or Not Testo

Testo Like It Or Not

Can I take some time
To look around for once
Wanna see wats outside these walls
All the time I spended here with you

So tonight I want to put off
I'm coming out of my walls
Whatever [?]
Oh we get it into tonight

I'm going out
To find a spot
Leavin u home
Like it or not
When there's a life
Away from him
I'm going there
Whether u like it or not

Wen we run into some girls
In the parking lot
And you kno it's my job to
Say that I got a girl at home
Or not then there's a
If I wanted to.


I can run to you on time
I'll be gone for just the night
I just need to see what life is
May I drive?
Don't wait up cause u won't sleep
Mark my words you better believe
Life is still fun without u n me