Skip This Part Testo

Testo Skip This Part

This is the part where we break up
How did it come so soon?
Thought our love will take us to this winter...
There is no moon
Caught every day every season let's not supposed to
Since I refuse to leave you
Every day we had this due
Caught up in the... where I'll do anything
To keep my girlfriend out
I'll do nothing to make my baby cry
But it's out of our hands
I don't wanna leave you
Our love made me believe you
But baby can we skip this part?
Skip this part
Skip this part of the story
Flip to the chapter
To happily ever after
I just wanna skip this part
Skip this part of the story

Things are crazy
Facts remain you are still my baby
Even though we know it's crazy for us to walk away
Things change every day our situation