Maybe Testo

Testo Maybe

Yes..check me out like this yall..and then like that yall,
Mr. Man up in ya area
(la la la la la la laaaa)
It's like that, Brooklyn is makin' noise yall, planet
Earth is makin' noise yall

[verse: Mr. Man]
come follow the leader
as I feed the info into your recorder
mr man is coming through more fluidic than running water
since I
foretook my form
my status is not the norm
the pattern has been reformed
so lyrically
I swarm to be specific
I build the most terrific electrifics
verbally im gifted and
mentally scientific
get it
embed it
let it enter your brain or vice versa
coz with my mind
I keep each line on point
like a cursor
so you should never oppose
the flows
that are choose by the pros
who compose
and speak lines
to blow weak minds back to the essence
my presence and appearance
lessens the interferrance
so rappers would have no clearance
so realize (realize)
we the guys that penalize
as we analyze and sanitize
the minds of those that vandalize the earth (the earth)
ever since the birth of time
I've been waiting to get inside your mind
(la la la la la la laaaa
(la la la la la la laaaa
or maybe not..)

[verse: Lee Majors]
every dollar you save is a dollar you have earned
coz in the school of life
it's all about what you have learned
too many people in the world do not seem concerned
so when the roof is on fire
sometimes you got to let it burn (let it burn)
so many people nowadays have twisted views
they really have no choice
coz they never had to choose
win or lose (lose)
I think that they will all stay confused
about the fact that responsibility is on you (it's on you)
they be complaining about this and that
talking 'bout
they bring the drugs in and they bring the gats
but yo
who are they
and why do you always place the blame on somebody who
dont even have no name
it seems to me like all these people claim to be the victim
acting like the whole entire world is out to get them
stand up on your own
and prove that you are grown
because the life that you save may be your own (ya big dummy)
(la la la la la la laaaa
(la la la la la la laaaa
or maybe not..)

[2nd verse: Mr. Man]
with every rhyme
I try to fit my mind between the lines
but it seems to be too broad for
the confines of the design of the paper
over which I'm writing this monologue
or should I say the autobiography of
this emcee (this emcee)
sometimes I stand in front of the mirror
just to see the world a little clearer
as the future gets nearer
coz presently it seems I can't escape my desinty as
a real-life super mc (mc)
(and it's like that yall)
(la la la la la la laaaa
(la la la la la la laaaa
or maybe not..)

every single day
time passes by
time pass by
every single day
every single day I watch time pass by
as time passes by
every single day,
it's like that yall