Remember Testo

Testo Remember

[Irene Cara's Fame song plays...]
[DJ Paul talks]
Yeah i don't think a lotta niggas will
Recognize or realize
Where the fuck a lot of this music is goin' down right now
Da Mafia 6ix Three 6 Mafia
[Beat changes....]
Whatever the fuck you call us
Probably a lotta niggas don't be around right now
If wasn't is
If wasn't fuckin' is
Yall better fuckin' remember
Yall know who did this
We do this shit (mafiaaaaa)
We live this shit (mafiaaaaa)
MAFIA 6ix LIL WYTE LETS Go (mafiaaaa)

[Hook: DJ Paul & 2 Chainz]
I been hood i been street since the first day been around here
Ain't took shit from nan tricks since the first day been around here
Ain't no do for what i do since the first day been around here
I understand why you haters hate so get the fuck from around me BITCH
(Middle finger up to my competition) what would they be without me
(Middle finger up Middle finger up ) what would they be without me
(Middle finger up to my competition) what would they be without me
(Middle finger up Middle finger up ) what would they be without me

[Verse 1: DJ Paul]
People always askin' me "Who created Crunk?"
Why you even ask if you know I am, chump (BITCH)
If the niggas tear the club up gonna play on us
If the niggas hit the dutch they gonna play on us
Servin' in da car they gonna play on us
You can't name a win on a war cause i winned
You can't put some hot in da club with some of me on it
Like a [...]

[Verse 2: Gangsta Boo]
Remember in 1995
I was so live the city was all mine
Only black girl with a all white clique
Put your snake ass down on some brand new shit
I gave you bitches acknoledge how can you can get
I was makin' hits when while sellin' bricks
But if you don't remember i got a picture for you
And if you doubt of me you weak niggas all ignore ya


[Verse 3: Lil Wyte]
I was the first white boy as a matter of fact fuck that
I’m the only white boy up this thang
Still cool with Paul
Only fuck with Boo, and Me, Lord, Crunchy and Koop
Get high as plane
I’m off my rocker, need my medicine
I got a 100 motherfuckers that I’m better than
Shoulda been a rapper, anyway do your job
Couldn’t of made more money even if you were president
You you are heaven sent, me I’m hell bound
I control your money I can tell ya how hell sound
Chilling halloween with the 6
The mafia back and I’m all over the mix bitch
Yeah i put you on, put money on your hand
In return I got fucked over
What up to that could have been
I got cha cause I got a pile of dirt
And a caterpillar bull dozer

[Verse 4: Koopsta knicca]
I remember in memphis waitin' go and pay me bitch
Put back on the mafia six
Now the bars super sick
Some bitch koopsta knicca bye holla in the kid
Super ? Michael Myers nigga
Koop alone to the damn fools
Remember when we was young niggas
Mad beacuse the sucka niggas
Paul gimme the ? clip
I cock back then rock this niggas
K-O-O-P-S-T-A-K-N-I-Double C-A
Bitch that's me


[Verse 5: Crunchy Black]
I been claiming G
I been fuckin' with the city
I been tote heats
And i been reppin' the streets
I been doin' me nigga get it how i live
I took two shots and the nigga still livin'
Now fuck the way you feel
And niggas ain't real
I pop you in the head with the motherfuckin' steel
I get it how i live and this the way i live
Is two shots nigga and that's the way i kill KILL

[Verse 6: Lord Infamous]
Is the ?
Here I'm done
? i need the adress to your mami home
Nose white from Colombia