Come Home Testo

Testo Come Home

I like to welcome you all
If are far from God you can come home

Hear my plea Hear my Cry
See the tears in my eyes Broken hearted Piereced side
Man he care and sympathizes with our weakness
We can fail, he’s aware, we can frail
Calling all to weep and wail
One day all of your secrets will come to light
Come to life live again come to Christ
You don’t have to feel no pain
Winter days Summer nights
Feel no guilt Love and grace
When they spit upon his face
He put all of your sins as far as the payment is from outta space
In this case it’s no different
I don’t care what you did If
it is in the guinness world book of records
It is finished
Hold on to his final words
The righteous turn to Christ
Like the fire watch the idols burn

You can come home
Yea yea yea yea
You can come home
Woah Woah
You can come home

This is not a false alarm
Man this is my alter call
All in all his heart is broken when his sons and daughters fall
Anger is kindled your frame is brindled
You play the middle like Pau Gasol
But wait a minute your name was written
When satan is finshed the offer is off
Your strength is gone
Your all is lost
You flipped the coin but never knew what it was gonna cost
Party hard Spring break Mardi grass
Never foresaw all the scars awkward thoughts
Back of your mind Saw the cross
Some of yall wanna to come back home
But you never want to see the saints
Cause you know that God is gracious
But some of his people aint
Man it gets so complicated
You just want to receive his grace
Humble yourself, pray, only seek his face

You can come home
Yea yea yea yea
You can come home
Woah Woah
You can come home