Stand Chant Testo

Testo Stand Chant

(Feat. Flame, Lecrae)

We gotta live it- oh
If we don't live it- oh
Then who's gonna live it- oh
Stand for the truth- shawty
We gotta walk it- oh
If we don't walk it- oh
Then who's gonna walk it- oh
Stand for the truth- wodie
We gotta say it- oh
If we don't say it- oh
Then who's gonna say it- oh
Stand for the truth- dirty
We gotta live it- oh
If we don't live it- oh
Then who's gonna live it- oh
Stand for the truth, now

Get it up, get it in, get it out
Don't sit on it- we know it's hard
Trying to rap for Jesus, believe us
From the block to the hood to the yard
You feel like Noah- huh, you tryin' to hold it down
But when you stop and look around
No one solid to be found
WAIT- don't grow weary man, listen close and hear me man
I know you feel alone, in your zone or your city man
But, all across the globe, Christians are getting it on
Stand for the truth, though it feels like you're standing alone
STAND- Grow in grace and reason
PREACH- In and out of season
CHRIST- Crucified, even if we get martyred like Steven
PRAY- for a faithful crew
RAISE- up a faithful few
Know we in this together, pray for us as we pray for you
LOOK, what you feelin', we feelin' but keep on buildin'
'Cause God is into revealing His glory using His children
Sometimes it's lonely but know that you ain't the only one
Standing up for the truth and anticipating the HOLY One!


Begin blazing the trail if you can look and see 'em sitting on the job
Consistently dissing the God that done saved us from hell
Be standing examples with answers for seekers seeking salvation
Or sinners who swamped in they sin from circular situations
It's sad- I noticed you're weary- it's clearly a time to reflect
On the cross of the Christ in spite of how many times they reject
You've got fam in Dallas, Texas and fam in St. Louis
And fam that's in Philadelphia standing in this confusion
We brothers in love with the lover who loved us enough to embrace us
The least we can do is just stand in they face and then take it
The face of temptation the face of persecution
So face it we made it- just continue to stand and be suited
Because the Lamb has included
People like us to carry the truth and share in the truth in a land that's
In extreme measures, take pleasure in what the Father has done
Don't get weary in well doing if you in the Son


[Da T.R.U.T.H.]
I'm not a quitter, I'm a fighter
I'ma fight since Elijah was taken high up
On a mountain of fire
Man- I'm inspired to stand
I take pride in my camp, Stay quiet— I can't
Pray private and clandestine
My plan is stay biased- the chance
To take I Am and champion His views
Man- it's so beautiful that, I pray, why is it scant
It ain't wisest to plant before plucking the root
Take Jeremiah for example, no punches were pulled
Saints rise up and stand, don't plunge in the pool
A blatant, obvious stance
On state college campuses, make a lot of them tense
So what, you ain't cool, stand firm in the faith
You can't swerve when they shake
You with questions that are hard, to answer in debates
The standard has been raised
Seven thousand ain't bowed to Baal
Man- get your hands up, if you don't follow the crowd