Exit Testo

Testo Exit

She said she miss me, I'm like I miss her too
He wanna diss me, [?]
Shit I been twisted, I'm sippin' dark [?]
Said she my mistress, she [shoot?] the percs up oh
She said she different, gon' have to show me tho
[Shit this expensive, don't see me sharing those?]
Shit I been gettin' it, these niggas chasing hoes
This shit is different, these niggas fake ass clones
I treat this shit just like it's surgery
Bitch said she don't know me but she heard of me
Motherfuckers run off just like it's burglary
[?] that shit absurd to me
I take that [?]
Ridin' with a model bitch, she got her skirt off
Even if I'm high [I get the work off?]
Feeling like I'm Rambo got the strap with my shirt off
And I'm a shooter, yeah