(I Wanna) Pee On You Testo

Testo (I Wanna) Pee On You

Yeah. It's the R. 40 ounces of mo liqor make me wanna take some if it.

[Verse 1:]
See I roll aroun sittin on dubs cat n I I was high on shrubs. Coolin' in my Escalade, man I'm paid I got it made. Take me to yo special place, close yo eyes show me yo face... I'm gonna piss on it.

Haters wanna hate, lovers wanna love. I don't even want none of the above I want to pee on you. Yes I do I'll piss on you I'll pee on you.

[Verse 2:]
Said yo body, yo body, is a portapody... and a PI Kit. And it knows Karate, knows Karate, knows Karate. I'm a pee on you. Drip, drip, drip pee on you all on you. Piss on you, piss on you. You'll neva feel... quite the same when you get a whiff of my Hershey stains. I wanna poop on you too. I want to pee in yo food. Only thing'll make my life complete when I turn yo face to a toilet seat. I want to pee on you. Yes I do, yes I do I'll pee on you I'll piss on you.


Won't you braid my hair? Said won't you braid my hair?