Don't Shoot Testo

Testo Don't Shoot

I asked my cousin why they pulled him over
He gave me a look as if he didn't know
I had my basketball and my now and laters
Ain't get along with my neighbors, I was a rough kid
Hearing sirens through my window
Them blue and red lights kept me up at night
I couldn't get enough of life
I seen this kid get arrested in the park
He was screaming he ain't do it
They ain't even let him talk
I ain't understand I'm like 10 blowing in the wind
Tryna find a park to go play, I don't know the drama
I ask my mama what do police do?
She told me stay up out they way
Go to school and get good grades
One day I'm walking in my building and they stopped me
Told me I looked just like this kid that did a robbery
And I ain't never stole nothing in my life
Maybe candy out the store or a bag of chips

Imagine this, years go by, I got a little older
My best friends in group homes, I got a little colder
I'm tryna make the varsity team, chill with Stacy and
Shop at the mall, only Ralph Lauren they'll lace me in
I had the Montclair, remember begging moms for it
Walking home from school, I almost got robbed for it
I took off, I can't go home without my jacket on
Blue and whites harassing me but I don't know what happened to 'em
Left and right I'm seeing homies get interrogated
We ain't safe where we live, this America ain't it?
High School they teaching me this the land of the free
But everything got a price, they don't answer to me
They don't answer to us, we getting tattoos
They think we criminals cause we believe that cash rules
Attitude a little different when you from the gutter
I seen a cop talk crazy to my mother
My father familiar, he told me all about 'em
Told me never go around and avoid 'em, that's if you can
Black intelligent man they worst nightmare
They'd rather have you in prison forever, they don't fight fair
Starting to think about college, I got some scholarships
I just graduated, two cops pulled me over
Tried to show my diploma, they ain't acknowledge it
Three young black males riding in the jeep
Bout to go to college, they thinking we in the street
They hate got a little bit deeper, I'm getting frustrated

A bunch of slick comments, I'm still a nigga
Even if you got millions, they still'll get ya
I played ball, I was the man on campus
Little weed up in my dorm, I got ran off campus
Then I got locked up, minor bid, it was short
Staring at my mother crying up in court
Came home, I started rapping, had to trap first
Phone ringing all night, was tryna take a nap first
Gang squad hopping out, narcotics watching
We had the weed and the pills then we got it rocking
Cameras in the projects helped us move smarter
Niggas turned butch building into the new carter
Pooch did a bid and came home the same nigga
Bully did a bid and came home the same nigga
My moms working all night, I had late dinners
Went broke tryna cope a coat, that made me hate winter
Focused up, got a deal, now this shit is real
Every time I leave the club, they hope I got the steel
We just got some weed, we just tryna chill
We just tryna eat, we just tryna build
They follow every car I try to ride in
I'm just praying this ain't the car that I die in
I guess with this hoodie on I'm a murderer
I'm just tryna buy my mother some new furniture
This attitude is programmed
Imagine getting harassed for you whole life
All day and the whole night
They say prison is the new slave ship
They don't understand we hustling so we can pay rent
Soon as they come around it feel like your luck gone
They gotta show you they power, that's why they put the cuffs on
Ain't no more weed in the car sir, the blunt gone
I got my hands ups, officer what's the problem?
Please don't shoot me sir, I just had a daughter
Look here go a *blaow*