Fuck Covid Testo

Testo Fuck Covid

My mind still up in the clouds 'cause on the ground it's flat
The virus got us masked up, can't even see nobody's smile
Gloves on, slidin' through the town but ain't nobody 'round
Everytime I turn on CNN, another body found
I need a bitch to listen not to tear me down
I'm blowin' sticky, reminiscing 'bout niggas that's not around
He was snitchin', so with the fishers is how he probably drowned
Gambino, niggas get the chills like [?] round
I still talk to Nipsey when I wake up
I still talk to Nip before I go to sleep
I still talk to Mugga
Didn't go to his funeral but I should've
I ain't wanna see him like that
Just told 'em I'd be right back
I talked to Blacc Sam, I talked to Jay Stone
Since you died, I been drunk and everyday is gone
Hennessy got me out here, wild off the Patron
It really broke my heart to know my [ace?] gone
And I talked with Cuzzy Capone, I spoke with Kobe
I still stop by the store, everytime I go to Cali
Askin' if I'ma put on for my Loc, I told 'em gladly
Anytime that I was on Slauson, so I know you had me
Anytime that I was on Dolphin, I was Lil' Freaky
We was watchin' Nas, but now I ease before Nas had ever seen me
We wasn't kids, we everyday robbin' niggas was easy
Dubby brains no [cheap clout?] my aim was teasy
Nigga with a attitude but I never claimed to be Eazy
We was thinkin' trap or die but I never claimed to be Jeezy
I'm tryna go feed my family, not tryna make 'em believe
Fuck the opps, the block was hot but I never claimed to be Weezy
My squad was bringin' terror, I never claimed to be Pun
I only felt safe, if I knew I came with a gun
In family court for all these rap niggas, I ain't claim as my sons
A bunch of losses, I ain't change up, I just won
Streets really got me torn in beetwen the two
Tours, I done seen a few
I knew you was a hoe, don't want no more, it's hard to creep with you
Just give me head and get up out my bed, could never sleep with you
That jealousy got you different, accept that's what the evil do
This virus got niggas droppin' dead, don't wanna breathe with you
I can't forget how you acted, when I needed in you
You never believed in me but want me to believe in you
I don't care what y'all pay me for this club, just let my people through
I'm torn in beetwen the two
Awards, I'ma need a few
On my 'lone, shawty got my balls when she seen the view
I know they got guns, so we gon' keep 'em too
Y'all was gettin' clapped, my niggas beatin' too
Dolo good, don't need a crew
That money on your head
Nigga you dead, less than a week or two
Couldn't help her, she couldn't stop starin' when I see me move
Cuttin' niggas off, no more surbubans, now I need a coupe
I go to LA and I connect with Snoop
Fuck these niggas talking 'bout?

'98 vibes, not gon' told though
Gave you the game, so tell me how I owe you?
Not part of the family, why would I bro you?
Back to the bench, I showed you how coached you
It's a close casket if this Glock approach you
Them niggas hate on me but study my lyrics
Godfather energy, I wish that Bumpy could hear this
This time I'm givin' out samples, any customer could get it
If you a made man, that mean you untouchable, nigga
Already known for bein' grimey, why you trustin' that nigga?
Applyin' that pressure, nobody want you comfortable, nigga
My homies dead or doin' time, I pour a cup for my niggas
Wish I could their phone, just to say "What's up?" to my niggas
Damn, dead homies