Regular Harlem Shit Testo

Testo Regular Harlem Shit

Its the Pimp Pimp P, I'm donkey dickin' bitches
Lemme say that again. I'm donkey dickin' bitches
I'm slappin' niggas in the wig
I'm slappin' niggas all these buildings in the wig
The iPhone goes in the water? It's still wetter
Bitch, we jump in the water and get it
Bitch, on mamas
Bitch, don't make me slap you with these-fuck
It's Harlem bitch!
You hear me. Hello, hello, it's a regular bitch!
You hear me. I'm on-I'm on top of the world bitch!
Don't make me lose my voice. That`s usually it
Don't make me lose my voice, this a whole lot of crazy shit
A whole lot of crazy shit
This regular nigga. Regular shit nigga
39th street. Regular, phone street. Regular