It's Alright (Bonus Hymn) Testo

Testo It's Alright (Bonus Hymn)

Have you ever been in love with somebody No matter how bad they treated you Still came back for more Don't somebody know what I'm talkin' about Well, I'm here to testify this evening About how love will do you, if ya let it I know somebody can relate to me When I tell you, it's alright, yeah 1 - It's alright, how you do me I'm a fool for lettin' you use me It's okay, if you wanna play around Spreadin' my love all over town It's alright, how you do me I'm a fool for lettin' you use me It's okay, if you stay But if you wanna go away It's alright I'll tell you what I did last night I stayed up and I thought about you You said you'd be home at 10 But baby girl, you never came in Now I'm not the one to be perfect But girl don't ya know it's a shame We have a home, and 2 little children So why ya wanna play these games? So many times I thought about leavin' Then I looked into my children's eyes I can't see myself walkin' out baby So I stay here, and deal wit your lies And I know that you think you're hurtin' me But you're just hurtin' yourself I gave you love, unconditional A love you won't find anywhere else, oh Repeat 1 Now I lay me down to sleep I pray to the Lord, my family he'd keep If you should leave me before I wake Baby, pack your bags, go on away I'll still be in love with you But if it's what you wanna do, yeah (It's alright) How you lied to me Why you tryin' to break up our family? You know it's a cryin' shame Why ya keep playin' silly love games I've done about all that I can do Don't know why I still love you But girl, if you walk away There's only one thing left for me to say It's alright Repeat 1 Repeat 1 I'll be alright Oh yeah (It's alright) Baby, look what you've done to me (Baby, how you do me) But I'm makin' plans (How you do me) I'mma be alright (It's alright) What about our children? What about our 2 little babies? You know it's a damn shame (How you do me) Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah