We've Come Too Far Testo

Testo We've Come Too Far

Hey, baby listen
I know we've been through our share of problems
Been through our share of ups and downs
But we, we've just come too far to throw it all away
Wait a minute, let me
Let me do it like this
We've had our problems baby, mmm
But we still made it through
We've been through the storm sugar, yes we have
And I'm still in love with you
[1:] I see the pain baby, deep in your eyes
Even though you're smiling
I know it's hard
And it feels like we fell out of love
But baby, hold on, cuz...
[2:] We've come too far
To give up on us
Been through too many things
We've cried too many tears
To throw it away
Baby, can I take my time
And sing to you?
Ooh, I'm so sorry darlin', yes I am
I did some things I'm ashamed of
I'm just a man, angel, yes I am
Sometimes we fall short to love
Don't think I fell out of love (you are)
You are the one that I need (if you leave me baby)
If you leave me baby, I'd die (yeah, ooh, yeah oh)
And regret that I've ?? this for you (break it down, yeah)
(We've come too far)
Come here baby, hmm
Can I take my time and talk to you for a minute?
Baby I'm sorry for comin' home so late at night
(We've come too far)
Ooh, yes I am baby, huh
It hurts me so bad
To see you cryin', yes it does, ah
(We've come too far)
Everyday you cry
It hurts me baby, hurts me baby
(To give up on us)
Everytime you cry, I have to say baby
(Been through too many things)
I'm sorry
(We've cried too many tears)
Baby, it cuts me like a knife
(To throw it away)
To hurt you so bad, eh yeah
(We've come too far)
Ooh we, baby, eh, yes we have
(We've come too far)
We've come too far
Hey hey, hey