Silhouette Testo

Testo Silhouette

Oh God it's getting colder
But we've been getting bolder
And I sometimes forget to look behind me
All I wanted was just one thing that wouldn't disappear
Silhouettes in central time

Yeah the price keeps getting steeper
And the work keeps getting cheaper
And I can feel the bones that creak inside me
And the holy ghost will promise to never bother to show up
Maybe we just missed the signs

Billboards softly burning in the last true city
And I return to the water

I will acknowledge something missing
But I checked every listing
Don't forget the part where we just die here
Don't look at me like I fell off a running train
(?) I just won't grow up

I'll be waiting here like a fool forever
To come and knock down the door

There is something that I've known here
There's nothing that I own here
Will you think about me when I leave you
I sure as hell remember every little ounce of you
I'm partial to the quiet life
I felt the ground outside and now I know what's coming
Or can we just have another