Care Testo

Testo Care

She almost can't spit out the question
Can men and women not be friends?
With you, I feel an old connection
Like having brother back again

Later on, we went out walking
Without ruin in our lives
We know the difference between talking
And going just outside the lines
It's not like we're immune to it
It's not like we don't burn
We're just surrounded by carelessness
We know how much it hurts

But come on
You'll take my breath away
Come on
We'll never forget
Come on
Mistakes that haunt us all our days
And then, Come on

Stop romanticizing cheating
We are cowards, every one
All of us need major healing
Come and get yours in the sun

It's not like you're immune to it
It's not like you don't know
You're just surrounded by carelessness
You know how much it hurts