Running Gun Blues Testo

Testo Running Gun Blues

Album: Man Who Sold The World I count the corpse on my left,I find I'm not so tidy So I better get away,better make it today I've cut twenty-three down since Friday But I can't control it,my face is drawn My instinct still emotes it. I slash them cold,I kill them dead I broke the gooks,I cracked their heads I'll bomb them out from under the beds But now I've got the running gun blues It seems the peacefuls stopped the war Left generals squashed and stifled But I'll slip out again tonight Cause they haven't taken back my rifle For I promote oblivion And I'll plug a few civilians. I'll slash them cold,I'll kill them dead I'll break them gooks,I'll cracked their heads I'll slice them till they're running red But now I've got the running gun blues