The Pope Smokes Dope Testo

Testo The Pope Smokes Dope

Chorus: The pope smokes dope, God gave him the grass The pope smokes dope, he likes to smoke in mass The pope smokes dope, he's a groovy head The pope smokes dope, the pope smokes dope (oh yeah! 3x) God is high on mescaline, Satan's high on smack Popes in Rome get stoned on grass, Jesus freaks are back Jesus Christ a super-hippie never shoot up junk Popes in Rome get stoned alone, priests, in church get drunk (Chorus) Now Jack 'n' Jill went up the hill, to fetch a pail of water Jill forgot to take her pill, now she's got a daughter Taking pills is not a joke for a groovy Pope Birth control can be a toke of marijuana smoke (Chorus) The pope is getting higher (re: higher! higher! - 4x) (Chorus) Cha! Cha! Cha!