Gets Nowhere Testo

Testo Gets Nowhere

Ah honey, this little heart of mine
Keeps dreaming for a special love
Take me to the sky above
Now I'm not sayin' what I found in you -
Ain't true now
But right now I feel we need to do somthin' new
Now baby don't cha get me wrong
My love for you hasn't gone
I try to give you all of me
If I could give you one reason why
Our love is losin'feeling
I'm sure then we both could see

Time after time,
I tried and tried,
To keep our love alive
But I gets nowhere
Day by day
Wish you could say
Something to make it change
But I gets nowhere

Now baby, we've been together for a while,
And you should know me by now -
See it ain't hard to figure out
Right now there's no need to warn (?)
Together we can work it out
Now I'm not blaming our troubles
All on you
Lord only knows, I've got troubles too
You say you really love me
You say you really care
But with that romance,
We gets nowhere