Marijuanathon Testo

Testo Marijuanathon

it's nineteen hundred and ninety nine and we're still toastin to the end of time. so roll a joint pour some wine and cut us up a couple of lines. light it up and phone the chicks and get them here to suck our dicks. cuz we're a bunch of ripper heads and we'll party like this til we drop dead. welcome to our marijuanathon. my lips are glued to the bong. me and my bro's are watchin cheech and chong. you hip hop hippies got nothin on us cuz we're the band that grows the big fat buds. when cypress hill smokes a blunt that gives us money to go get fuckin drunk. everytime you light one up we get our cut and go get fuckin fucked. it's a marijuanathon. this is all we do all day long is smokin joints and playin' songs in this marijuanathon