My Erection Testo

Testo My Erection

you know the world is ruled by a couple of dozen pricks
I sure hope that they don't shoot too quick

my erection - is all i can feel
my erection - is all i can see
my erection - is all i can be

when the blood starts to flow
i forget everythign i know
i can see only one path
it's straight to you and up your ass!

my erection - it knows where to go
my erection - it's looking for a hole
my erection - that it can call home

of course you know that i'm afraid
that sometimes soon i'll catch AIDS
but it's hard to act rationally
when my pecker thinks for me

my erection - sticks out in front of me
my erection - it should be plain for you to see
my erection - it thinks for me