Seeya Testo

Testo Seeya

Don’t wake me up, I’m winning wars inside my head
And maybe I’m weak but not beneath the covers of this bed
Asleep, I’m undefeated in this world of mine
So let me stay inside this dream and keep me from the light
I’ve built this place behind my eyes you’ll never see
And you can move my body but please keep my mind asleep
Beyond the galaxies where there’s no space or time
I will transform, I am reborn to rule over the sights

I, I feel it in my bones
Asleep, the world don’t know
It’s under my control
I just wanna see this way
Blood pumping in my veins
I’ll kill it, I’ll kill it

Behind the darkness there’s a sea of neon light
And maybe you think I’m seeking but you just can’t get inside
Don’t try to save me when my mind is finally free
Cuz I’d rather run my own world than face your reality
It’s not enough for me to paint with black and white
And inside my head there shades of red unknown to waking life
You think you’ve traveled far and never seen the stars
Cuz the only the way is if I say you can follow me that far