Fix Your Face Testo

Testo Fix Your Face

You want a fiction you can't have
Alive but you can't walk
Writhing around on the floor
You won't be the world's tomb
It's too late
Because you, you never look around
You're like a deer in the headlights, baby
Queen of delusion
You will never learn compassion
Start a fire
And you can never put it out
You're burning up in the flames you started
I want to see you face down
Because I know that you play that part so well

Oh, don't wait, the casket is open ready for the funeral
But we are still moving on ready to celebrate
There will be no comeback
No coming back for any one of us now
Don't you realize there is nowhere you can hide
Where I'm from, there is never a rest for the hunted
No way you and I will ever be done
We're never apart
Whatever you're doing
We will always cross your mind
Yeah, you were young and now you'll pay the price for her
Pray for her...