Total Fucking Gone Song Testo

Testo Total Fucking Gone Song

Hey kid you're not looking so good
You pissed on your people then you turned tall and ran when they attacked
I got a little lesson for you
The more that you push it the more that it's gonna bite you back
I dare you not to throw the first stone, your cover is blown
You're lost like a rat trapped in a maze
Bear down and put your nose to the grind, your boundaries defined
Your safety's just gone up in a blaze
All passive and restrained, controlled and contained
Insensitive and numb

That's the way it goes, no silver linings await down the road
Quit waiting on the side, drink deep
Cuz you'll be pushing up daisies in time

I hope I'm not around anymore when you give up the ghost
And lie down and curl up on the floor
I'll be two sixers down with two more to go
Laughing my ass off and dancing and ready for more