Almost Fare Testo

Testo Almost Fare

Come with me, Come with me it's the time now
You won't see, you and me gotta find out

Always free, almost free, almost maybe
On your own, all you know, time is fading

Now there she is, what should I do? what should I give?
Stop to breathe, now your almost there get on your knees and...

Come with me, come with me to be alone now
Go with her, All you learn, eyes will show her
It's the past, were the last words you say?
Almost there, always fare, make your own way

Now there she is what should I do? What should I give?
It all disbands, she's walking out now, touch her hand

Come with me, Come with me... It's the time now.
You won't see... you and me... Gotta find out
Almost there, always fare... do it over
Go to her, All you learn... eyes will show her