At Night Testo

Testo At Night

At night.. (yeahhh!) At night.. (talkin bout - all that shit) At night.. (better not go to sleep nigga) At night.. (yeah! I see you nigga) [Daz] Smokin bomb, feelin loaded, forty yappin, smoke imported Servin (?) fat as boulders, got a (?) on my shoulders Homies robbin homies, on point with the po'-po's Sellin white snow pure yo, twist a little bit just to get a lil' mo' We had the ground, we bagged a round, crack, money in stripes I lay you down, let niggaz know that we ain't no fuckin joke, niggahhh [Kurupt] The nighttime's, the right time, family and pride Personally known for the way I, spray and ride Silent if I, silent is the way I glide Money'll make a nigga shift a pistol shoot to the sky [Daz] Nigga let's ride! I love it when the sun goes down Nigga get chopped down, get gunned down [Kurupt] Run down, run around, and shot down Popped down glocks in full pound surround Get the homies together and call the shots, fallin on baller's blocks Smaller and smaller knots, alcoholics lookin fo' [D] my gangsta bitches (uh-huh) and busta niggaz (uh-huh) [K] Liquor weed, pistols pills, niggaz shot and niggaz killed At night.. (uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh) At night.. (uh-huh) (liquor weed, pistols pills, niggaz shot and niggaz killed) At night.. (uh-huh, uh-huh) At night.. (what ch'all niggaz wanna do, huh?) [Kurupt] I put holes in the air and turn black to blue And I don't give a fuck about puttin holes in you The midnight strike, the killer strikes the streets at night Imitation Doggs on scope and it's on on sight (nigga) [Daz] Murder killin robbery, mayhem Assault with the deadly weapons equals battery I be down with the tragedy Catch a nigga slippin, shoulda known Nigga one-eighty-seven ain't shit but a misdemeanor (If you ain't knowin - they ain't knowin) Niggaz dyin unexpected, and they knowin (They don't know) Niggaz tryin to make it echo but it's showin (they ain't showin) little bitches on the street straight hoein (straight hoein) you ain't knowin (thought you knew) [Kurupt] Overblown, got'n'gone, the song zone, at the zone shown Time and time again it's on, Vietnam again Napalm set-trip, coast-trip, post and get tripped on, blastin fuckin chippin niggaz out the fuckin dash What the fuck is this? Niggaz is the luckiest Strike and spray, e'ryday all day around the way I lost my homeboy last year, nigga shed his last tear Comin through to blast shi,t I knew I'd catch his ass crip At night.. (uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh) At night.. (uh-huh) (liquor weed, pistols pills, niggaz shot and niggaz killed) At night.. (uh-huh, uh-huh) At night.. At night.. (yeahhh - that's how it go down e'ry night nigga) At night.. (y'all niggaz better stay strapped) (cause we on a hunt for all y'all) At night.. (and we ain't takin no shorts) (servin y'all niggaz on sight) At night.. (everyday, all night, yeah) At night.. (everyday, all day, anybody killer) At night.. (fuck all y'all! yeah!) At night.. Whassup whassup? Whatchu need? (Got a fifty sack?) Whassup? Aww the police, c'mon! {Police! Police! Up against the wall} At night..