Embraced In Hatred Testo

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Testo Embraced In Hatred

Still drippin' blood, still from the same wounds Watch your hopes get hammered to the ground All comes to an end
Crushed by bitter pain, gnawed by bitter peace
Been casted out, been checked off
Enuf said-I can't turn back
My thoughts are spinin', my mind's so fuckin burning
I touched this flame again n again-I fuckin' smoulder
After everything is taken with one food in the grave
There's still enough to breath forever
I Won't indulge your lies
I don't back down
Embraced by hatred
Thrones lay to waste,
Countless dyin' dayz but I never loose sight
It has always been hardluck but I give a fuck
cos another lesson learned is one less to get burned
My generation wades knee-deep in shit
kissed by demons deadly for your kind
you spit at it-try to take it
but my system is run by this train of thought:
Before they bury me
I get mine-get what I deserve