Last Time Testo

Testo Last Time

This is how i really feel bout this situation

[Verse 1:]
Man she did me so dirty(dirty)
She was that one who had me sprung(had me sprung)
Had me havin conversations and special occassions
She was that one
Huggin and kissin
Letten me do whatevea(haha)
I threw her some game
But she was too damn clever
We were on the beach doin stuff but ima let that get by
She was top of me, on top of the roof but ima let that slide
We were on top of the rocks on top of the water
You should seen her backside

It was classic so passionte
It was classic so passionte
It was classic so passionte

Wishin all my
Wishin all my
Wishin all my fellings were gone

[Verse 2:]
She was playin games
So I did the same
Had girls on my jock
Shoulda seen the pack
Shoulda faced the fact
That there were dudes that would talk
When I was here and her due was gone
She stood hard as a rock[a rock]
When she was home and i was there
I took all but her socks
Everytime we was on the phone she had sex on her mind (mind)
I was feelin her and she was fellin me
But damn that neckline
She said i love you you you you you you you
I said I love you you you you you you you
I said I love you you you you you you you

I've been honest to you
Nuthin but missin you

[Verse 3:]
Time is what I have got plenty of digits
Could of been with other girls
Could of rock their worlds
But I chose to stick wit it
I was fine to see she got the best of me
And the life we had was meant to be
But damn bitch why you gotta? it up
? could told me what was up
It's true
In all truth
But if you missin im sissin
Of the trouble we got in but no stopin the feeling when you got caught
Im sorry for the song but what you did was so wrong
We were so classic so passion ite
It was so classic so passionte
It was so classic so passionte
Had to handle my bizzzzzzzzz

Wishin all my feelins were gone
You heard of me
Im the man that put your mind where it's supposed to be
Ima say sum deep shyt
And hopefully
You free your eyes to the problems you refuse to see
We all think we know shyt
But we really nknow shyt
I believe everything is meant to be wroten
Like a broken heart from a broken relatin
And you cant let go cuz all those special occasions?
Seriously, dont play off the ?
You doin the obvious that got so many people mistakin
The reality is that are gonna be dudes that are hatin
Plus it really dont matter if the girl was takin
She had options, she had a back up
You think she didn't take note of all the times you fucked up?
It's not the girls fault how she meant to recieve
The way you not there
Man you dont expect her to leave

[Fades Out]