Knife Vs. Face, Round 2 Testo

Testo Knife Vs. Face, Round 2

This is a nightmare. You lost control.
Wake m e before you reach the bottom, of what never ends.
It feels like sumer in thw winter, it's raning all the time.
You fell like snowflakes, in the sumer,
Melting in the sky. This is everything,
This is everything I wanted.
If it wasn't for you, I'd be happier then ever.
And everytime I think of you, I'll close my eyes,
and blacken my heart and never love again.
Is this a 9mm or is this a ticket home?
And I'll forget you, alone as I lie underground in peace.
Is this what you wanted? Are you happy now?
Will you live a life of lies and never look back?
And leave this plave once call home without a trace,
And call this a tragedy? Is this a tragedy or a romance?
We need a doctor baby, Not a souvenir.
This glass is poison, baby, Its not your last dance.
Hold on to something solid,
Don't run, its now your time to go