Tomorrow's Industry Testo

Testo Tomorrow's Industry

Young kids in Catholic schools
Elderly parents living under your roof
You pay the bills and you pay the price
You don't back down and you won't play nice
The disgraced values of the company man
Are why you fight and sacrifice
Don't bed or break for their one-way rules
Or run from battles you know you'll lose

Greed is blinding you
But we can see
He's got yesterday's values
Living in tomorrow's industry

They see your eyes, they see your face
But it's your soul they wanna take
Yeah, welcome to the future it don't seem fair
But this is your struggle, the cross you bear
They know your paying, they don't think twice
There's a dollar value on your life
You don't compromise and you don't break
Yeah, it's your principles at stake


The daily outlook it's so bleak
Saving every dollar of the week
Living month to month, you've got to get ahead
But all the while falling deeper in debt


The weight falls hard on the stand up gy
The one you can count on you can rely
This is your future it don't seem right
But this is your battle, this is your fight
Something in this country has got to change
If we're ever gonna see those days again
Your parents may have done it with just one job
But now we're working for less and twice as hard.