World Full Of Hate Testo

Testo World Full Of Hate

A feeling inside in the back of my head
Like a song you still know from so long ago
And I wouldn't change a thing
Like a car driving by triggers something in my mind
Am I retrieving my direction or just charging forward blind
Am I everything that you wanted me to be
Have I lost that condition, a connection I couldn't see
Til the end like a friend stands by you again
And I wouldn't change a thing
Toe to toe, friend or foe, its all that I know
And I wouldn't change a thing
As the years pass us by, will I still make the grade
Can I really offer anything, and will my soul be saved
Can you cleanse me out the swine
Am I only falling farther, can you keep me safe from harm
The memories you build in the house on a hill
Would you really change a thing
Corrected mistakes in a world full of hate
Never changes anything