They Can Bite (Dr. Bob) Testo

Testo They Can Bite (Dr. Bob)

Dr. Bob Howdy, welcome back Ok, a couple of things to tell you The cockroaches can bite But they don't bite too hard They can bite, they can scratch Dr. Bob Hi ladies Welcome to a nice gentle Morning on the lake, ok Nice hot day for a swim We do have water spiders The big black ones, that bounce In this water there are eel And there are leeches Dr. Bob If there is an animal in the way Move slowly, Everything in Slow-Motion Just like being part of the bush If you see a snake, I'm sure you will So just stop And just push it out of the way More important is the bush A couple of tips, Be careful with the trees Because we do have A lot of tree snakes Lots of animals are creep You gotta chose things That are gonna fall on you Try not to swallow They can bite and they can scratch And they can kick, They will make You feel like being sick Some have teeth, Some have claws Try to keep your mouth shut, Good luck They can bite and they can scratch And they can bite