As U Are Testo

Testo As U Are

as you are Chorus Come just as U are playa?s Hear da Spirit call / hear Him callin? callin? Come just as U are balla Hear Him callin? U / will U let Him through Gangsta?s thugz pimp?s & hussler?s Open up yo heart 2 da Master Da Master He?s callin? yo name / let today be da day He?ll stand right by yo side / Let Him be yo guide Germanator Come just as U are I can heal yo hurts yo scars I know how imperfect you are I know da time U spent Locked down behind bars how many tears in a jar I know yo deepest struggles & I?m never very far U can halla at Me wherever U are fist of cuffs In da back of da police car / I have ears 2 hear / If yo truly sincere / I have knowledge 2 know Yo hard time when your alone / I even interpret yo moans & yo groans your so longin fo home I?m just a prayer away My dear son Come back home 2 da throne where U belong Created 2 worship me & me alone