Bounce Wit Me Testo

Testo Bounce Wit Me

Bounce wit me Chorus Bounce wit me / Bounce wit me Out da club ( Bounce wit me) Bounce wit me / Bounce wit me Out da pub (Jesus will set U free) Bounce wit me / Bounce wit me Out da club (Bounce wit me) Bounce wit me / Bounce wit me If u lookin? fo love (In Christ there?s victor-eee Big Daddy Dub Da dragon was a murder from da beginning Da gangsta fathere of all lie eee?s But greater is He dat?s in me-eee Than he dat?s in da world 1st John-eee 4:4 spiritual war war This sanctified O.G. Battles not fo victory But from Victory U see Da rulers of darkness We overcame Cuz da blood of da lamb & da word of our testimony Da serpent Deceived Eve cuz he-eee?s craft-eee Lest yo mind bee-eee Led astray From da simplicity of da devotion 2 Christ & purit-eee Ya?ll hearin? me-eee Let him who has an ear hear What da Spirit Sayzzz-eee Steadfast in da mind thou will keep A G in perfect peace Cuz he-eee trust in The-eee Isaiah 26:3-eee Strapped wit da word of da Spirit Is da mind of Dub Z-eee Germanator In da name of Jesus satan da Lord rebuke U fool Bind U 2 bounce at once U have no authority or rule U shake this place we battle face 2 face I plea da blood Of Christ spray like mase sanctfied da place He made U a public display Defeated U on da cross Regonize Who?s Boss All ya?ll demons get tossed get lost This dedicated Christian soldier always on floss He delivered us from Da domain of darkness & transferred us 2 da kingdom Of His beloved son Colossians 1:13 U crafty serpant we Know yo tricks yo lics dat U attempt 2 inflict U needs 2 quit Da great dragon is cast down Da serpant of old is Bound His name da devil & satan In da end he gets clowned We mo than conquers ?C?eed up in da full armor of God night Vision binocular my joy spectecular like Dracula I fiend fo da Blood of da lamb He?s droppin? ya pop pop in ya Simply rockin? Ya Na Na Knockin? ya?ll Sta Sta Stompin? ya droppin? da bomb on ya